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Customer Experience

TTR (Time To Resolution) ≪ 30 seconds

Customer Satisfaction

FCR (First Call Resolution) Rate ~ 98%


Case Escalation Rate ≪ 4%


After Call Notes ~ 99% Automated

Are some of your Sales Leaders performing significantly better than others? Should you 'Convert' that Lead to an Opportunity? This and many other decisions in the sales process are very strategic in nature and specific to your business. DeciZone makes it EASY for every Sales Team member to execute your sales strategy consistently AT SCALE.

Your sales strategy works. Use DeciZone decision trees to make it easy for your team to consistently execute on that strategy.

Sales Strategy Flowchart Knowledge Base

Traditionally companies have relied on Knowledge Base assets written as FAQs or Articles but reading lengthy paragraph text increases the time your Sales Teams spends not focusing on the potential customer.

When your Sales Teams is looking for strategic guidance the best approach is to make the strategic guidance REVEAL itself. That is exactly what happens when your Sales Team is walking through your Sales Strategy flowchart knowledge base in DeciZone platform. By simply clicking on few simple choice buttons, they can eliminate 98% of the reading they have to do! In just a few seconds your Sales Team can get to your strategic sales recommendations - SALES STRATEGY CONSISTENTLY EXECUTED IN JUST A FEW SECONDS!

Intuitive Interface

DeciZone flowcharts are presented in a unique 3-layer interface. This makes it easy for the Sales Team to navigate the flowchart in forward or backward direction while focusing on conversation with your potential customer. This simple 3-layer interface saves them from having to read through endless paragraphs in articles or decipher larger diagrams.

With DeciZone, your Sales Teams is not scrambling for information and can completely focus on the most important part of your business - your potential customer.

Image of a person Troubleshooting an equipment.

Automated Notes by Activity Records

Wouldn't it be awesome if every person in your Sales Team would always write detailed notes about every strategic decision they made with every potential customer they interact with? With DeciZone, taking detailed notes is automatic without any effort from your Sales Team. If you choose to, you can have a complete flowchart activity transcript (of all the steps your Sales Team went through in your flowchart) be sent in an email or to be automatically saved in popular CRM platforms. These detailed transcripts can easily replace the manual note taking by the Sales Team. For additional notes, you can include special Input Boxes in your flowchart for the Sales Team to add any other comments.

Feedback & Continuous Improvement

With DeciZone you know how often your Sales Team reach a certain branch of your flowchart. By analyzing the frequency of visits, time of day, distribution of decisions, you can get valuable insights about your potential customers and your Sales Operation. These insights can help you not only fine-tune budget allocations but also significantly improve your Conversions and Revenue growth.

DeciZone flowcharts come with handy feedback features built-in for continuous improvement of your Sales Strategy flowcharts. Your Sales Team can send feedback about any step in your sales strategy flowchart to the author of that flowchart along with their comments so the author can fix it right away and address that issue for everyone going forward.

Effortless Efficiency

DeciZone's advanced content management features allows your Sales Team to use one version of your flowchart while you are modifying another version of that same flowchart behind the scenes. Any changes to your DeciZone flowchart is effortlessly propagated to everyone when you wish by seamlessly swapping the flowchart versions.

You are also able to attach images, videos and links to each step in your DeciZone flowchart to give additional context to the Sales Team. In just a few clicks and in a few seconds the Sales Team can reach a customized recommendation for solving the problem.

When your Sales Team finishes navigating your flowchart in your CRM tool's Lead/Opportunity page, DeciZone can automatically update the comments for that Lead/Opportunity. This helps easily document for future reference all the important decisions taken by your team on every Lead/Opportunity. Another big advantage of automated notes is that when your Sales Team is on the move and using mobile browser, they dont have to stop and type their notes, DeciZone writes all the steps they went through automatically saving them time and increasing their productivity.


DeciZone's feedback features enable continuous improvement of your Sales Strategy flowcharts. Any change to your flowchart is effortlessly propagated to everyone by default. You are also able to attach images, videos and links to each step in your Sales Strategy flowchart to give additional context to the Sales Team. In just a few clicks and in less than 30 seconds your Sales Team can make a decision consistent with your Sales Strategy.


Best of all, you can publish your troubleshooting DeciZone flowchart and then even embed it in your website. Your Sales Team can initiate this flowchart from your website, they can step through the DeciZone flowchart and when they have finished navigation, DeciZone will bring them back to your website seamlessly - all the while your Sales Team experiences your logo and your branding colors.

Enough Talking, Check This Out!

Lets see what a Published DeciZone flowchart might look like when its shared as a clickable button/link ...


You may also consider embedding a published DeciZone flowchart in your website as a White-Labeled fully interactive flowchart panel.

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