Create Step By Step Interactive Product Troubleshooting Flowcharts in DeciZone

Image of a person Troubleshooting an equipment.

Customer Experience

TTR (Time To Resolution) ≪ 30 seconds

Image of a person Troubleshooting an equipment.

DeciZone troubleshooting decision trees & flowcharts are the most efficient way to maintain your product support Knowledge Base.

  • Super Fast: Most solutions reached in less than 30 seconds, significantly improving your customer's experience with your product.
  • Guided Experience: Just make a few visual choices in the interactive animated decision tree to get a customized solution for the issue. Its like walking inside 'Find Your Own Adventure' chart of questions with Yes / No answers.
  • Training: Easy to train new team members on complicated troubleshooting processes and maintain compliance to best practices. DeciZone troubleshooting flowcharts can be your expert system as well as Knowledge Base.
  • Easy Editor: Create your troubleshooting flowchart and decision trees from example templates with our browser based mobile friendly flowchart editor.
  • Transcript: If you choose, you can get a full transcript of all the steps your customer took inside your flowchart. This transcript can be accessed in your DeciZone account, emailed to you or can be used to create a Ticket/case in your favorite ticketing or CRM system.
  • Get User Input: Ask user to type/enter specific information about the product like serial number, model number using a User-Input box in the decision tree. This information is saved in the transcript.
  • Ask User to Upload File / Image: Ask user to upload a file or an image of the problem or to give more context - it will be attached to the transcript for your records.

Hardware Troubleshooting

  • Product Images: Show images of your hardware products to point out important aspects to give more context.
  • Mobile Friendly: DeciZone decision trees are optimized for mobile users. Just share the link to your published flowchart and the user can walk through your troubleshooting process.

Software Troubleshooting

  • Sanity Checks: Your troubleshooting logic can make sure that the problem is in fact with the software and not the underlying system.
  • Walk them with Screen Shots: Software products can get complex very easily. Walk your audience through the sequence of steps by attaching screen shots of your software on every box in your DeciZone flowchart. This way your audience is following exactly the steps they need to carry out to achieve their goal.

Effortless Continuous Improvement

  • Improve Product: Analyze the detailed transcript data report to identify the most common problems, time of day related issues or other bottlenecks and use that insight to improve your product.
  • Feedback: DeciZone's team feedback feature enable continuous improvement of your troubleshooting Knowledge Base.
  • Never Outdated: Any change to your flowchart is effortlessly propagated to everyone by default.
  • Version Control: Manage versions of your DeciZone flowcharts so your audience can see only the Master Version.

White-Labelled & Embeddable

  • Show on your website: Embed your Published DeciZone flowcharts on your website. Your customer can step through the DeciZone flowchart and when they have finished, DeciZone will bring them back to your specified website seamlessly.
  • Your Branding & Logo: Show your logo and Branding on your flowcharts so that your user experience improves.

Image of a person Troubleshooting an equipment.

Enough Talking, Check This Out!

Lets see what a Published DeciZone flowchart might look like when its shared as a clickable button/link ...


You may also consider embedding a published DeciZone flowchart in your website as a White-Labeled fully interactive flowchart panel.

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