Interactive Decision Tree For Customer Self Service, Agent Scripts & Knowledge Base

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How DeciZone Customers Simplify Work For Their People

Ways DeciZone Benefits You

DeciZone (Decision Zone) is a platform designed for streamlined decision making using interactive decision trees and flowcharts.

StrategyThis is an image of someone helping themselves.

A single source for your teams to align with your strategies and vision for consistency.

Knowledge BaseThis is an image of DeciZone searchable knowledge base.

Your built-in Knowledge Base is a searchable answer tree software that can be used internally or published for your customers.

Analytics DashboardThis is an image of a chart.

Reports, Charts & Stats for your decision trees, flowcharts and teams to help you optimize your operations. Measure and analyze compliance.

Easy Tree BuilderThis is an image of the DeciZone decision tree editor as seen in a mobile browser.

Our online decision tree builder makes it easy for your people to create a interactive decision tree for streamlining process work.

AdminThis is an image of an account administrator.

Give each user Roles with the right privileges (Viewer, Creator, Author, Editor, etc.). Manage versions for your interactive flowcharts.

IntegrateThis is an image of a chart.

Connect DeciZone interactive flowcharts with your legacy systems or leverage CRM like Salesforce or Zendesk. Publish & share a link or embed on any webpage.

Set ExpectationsThis is an image of football goal posts.

Simplify taking the next best action with our interactive decision tree software so its always clear what needs to be done next.

Better TrainingThis is an image of person training.

On demand interactive decision trees to train your teams of all skill levels for better performance.

Retain ExperienceThis is an image of playbook with strategies.

Create, improve, retain & grow insights, so the experience stays and people can go home to relax.

Its like putting 'Doing the right thing' on autopilot!

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