DeciZone Sales Call Script Software Improves Sales Rep Productivity, Training & Prospect Objection Handling.

Empower Your Sales team to win more deals with consistent messaging for Inbound leads & Outbound Cold calling script tools.

DeciZone Sales Call Script Software Improves Sales Rep Productivity, Training & Prospect Objection Handling.

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Only about 25% of salespeople exceed their quotas.   SI

Leads & Prospects

Qualify & Engage effectively

Incentives & Discounts

Consistent Messaging

Objection Handling

Response playbook

Training & Coaching

Ramp up new SDRs quickly

Only about 50% of your prospects are a good fit for what you sell - Qualify effectively.   SI

Empower your sales people to efficiently focus on the key sales activities like prospecting and engaging instead of wasting time on less valuable operational work.

DeciZone Sales Call Script Software

So easy! Lower new SDR onboarding & training times using DeciZone interactive sales script software.

How it works

Create Sales Scripts

Always Improving Sales Playbook

Follow Sales Guidance

Thoughtful answers, always.

Higher Close Rate

SDRs Exceed Revenue Quota

Maximize sales team productivity with interactive decision trees for sales call script software.

Lower Cost

Case Escalation Rate ≪ 4%


After Call Notes ~ 99% Automated

Relevant Advanced Features

Analyse Operations

Improve Sales KPIs

Resume Past Activity

Do Not Repeat

Modular Structure

Effortless Reuse & Linking

Knowledge Base

Searchable Sales Playbook

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With DeciZone, your people will always know the next best action. Enable Confident Decisions with No-Code Interactive Decision Trees & Flowcharts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is sales scripting?

Sales call scripts or cold calling scripts are the readily available prompts & responses you provide for your sales teams to carry out a successful conversation with their prospects. Methodically preparing these scripts using sales script builder software for all the different conversation scenarios for your SDR is usually referred to as sales scripting.

Why are scripts important in sales?

Sales scripts are definitely helpful in improving the close rates for your SDRs but how important depends on what you are selling. Scripts for handling prospect objections effectively using prepared responses, checklists of important bullet points as well as standardized messaging are great ways to boost SDR productivity.

Are sales scripts effective?

Yes, sales scripts can be very effective when designed properly. They help new SDRs ramp up and train much faster. It also depends on what you are selling because different products need different level of sales engagement.

How do I write a telesales script?

Sales scripts or telesales scripts are meant to help your sales team carry out a confident conversation with your prospects. So the best approach is to make a list of all the commonly discussed topics and make a detailed interactive decision tree in DeciZone telesales script writing software for each topic. This way when your sales rep needs help, they can just open one of your interactive decision trees while talking to your prospect and in just a few clicks they will have followed all the best practices on that call.

What is digital sales playbook? What should go in a sales playbook?

The sales playbook is a collection of best practices and scripted responses to help your sales development representatives in confidently talking with your prospects. You can prepare detailed sales script with a sales script generator for each of the stages of a typical sales process: Prospecting, Preparation, Approach, Presentation, Handling objections, Closing & Follow-up. DeciZone Knowledge base feature can organize your interactive sales call scripts for each of these stages as well as per each of your product range so your teams can use it as a digital sales playbook.

Why do you need a sales playbook?

Most sales organizations see a lot of churn because sales can be stressful at times. As a result, any sales team will have members with varying level of sales experience and varying knowledge about your products. Your sales playbook in the form of DeciZone knowledge base will help all your SDRs with standardized talking points as well as objection responses so they can be confident and engage effectively with a human touch with your prospects.

How easy is it to implement DeciZone into existing systems?

DeciZone is designed for easy integration with minimal disruption, ensuring a smooth transition and quick adoption within your existing infrastructure.

What makes good sales script?

A good sales scirpt has every piece of information your SDR will need to have a confident conversation with your prospect - nothing more, nothing less. Having said that, the level of sales experience will vary in your team, so its best to prepare sales scripts that are helpful for most of your team.

How do you cold call a script? How do you make a sales cold call pitch?

Sales cold calling can be challenging because often your SDR is calling tens of prospect every day. Its easy to make mistakes, skip steps and loose your train of thoughts. This is where the sales script comes handy. It not only reminds you the correct sequence of talking points but also gives you the prepared responses to common objections. After some practice using the scripts, most SDRs feel very confident in carrying out a successful conversation with your prospects. Good sales scripts remind the SDR to know enough about their prospect before starting the conversation.



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