DeciZone Training

DeciZone is a platform for streamlining decision making using interactive decision tree and flowcharts. Interactive decision tree from allows you to enable confident decisions for your people in less than 30 seconds.

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We have grouped the training topics according to the needs of a few typical user profiles as shown below.

DeciZone platform Training levels.

DeciZone Quick Overview

This is a quick overview video of the DeciZone platform. Here you find out what are the benefits and why you need it.

DeciZone Training 1 - Platform Review

In this video, we go over the many advanced features of DeciZone platform. It is recommended for everyone using DeciZone interactive decision tree and navigable flowcharts to watch this video to be able to get the most value from their experience. To find specific topics check out the 'Timestamps' below.

DeciZone Training 1 Timestamps for Topics

0:00    Intro & Recap

1:11    DeciZone Modules

2:44    Typical Interactive Flowchart

4:06    My Home Page

4:35    Decision Trees VS. Flowcharts

4:57    Simplify Processes with DeciZone

5:42    Category Tree

6:36    Private Org. Tree

6:56    Goal & Flowcharts

7:55    Flowchart Layouts

8:12    3-Layer Interface

8:45    Navigating Flowcharts

9:37    Statement Box

9:54    Decision Box

10:11     User-Input Box

10:21     Conclusion Box

10:37     Email-Log Box

11:00     Multiple-Choice Box (MCB)

11:29     Create Flowchart Wizard

11:43     New Flowchart Creation

12:02     Edit-Mode

12:29     Editing Tools

13:42     Box Features

14:27     Mobile Browser Editor

14:37     Sharing & Publishing Flowcharts

14:47     User Role Management

15:01     Whole Flowchart View

15:19     Print Flowcharts

15:57     My Account Mgmt.

16:07     Learning Milestones

16:28     Org. Logo/Branding

16:38     Password Reset

16:48     Org. Home Page

17:21     Content Settings Mgmt.

17:39     Activity/Transaction Details

17:59     Help Docs.

18:14     Blog & Best Practices

18:31     Newsletter, Promotions

18:43     Support Resources

19:00     Training, Implementation & Content

DeciZone Training 2 - Editing & Sharing Flowcharts

In this Training 2 video, we take a deep dive into the DeciZone editor for creating interactive decision tree and navigable flowcharts. We discuss flowchart sharing and along the way we share best practices. This is a must see if you are going to be creating decision trees and flowcharts for sharing with your audiences. To find specific topics check out the 'Timestamps' below.

DeciZone Training 2 Timestamps for Topics

0:00    Introduction to Training 2

0:55    List of Topics Covered

1:09    Recap

2:18    Edit-Mode

2:28    Flowchart Versions (Part 1)

2:53    Cloning Flowchart Versions

3:03    Clone VS. Copy of Flowcharts

3:25    Master Flowchart Version (Part 1)

4:09    Managing Master Version

4:51    Editing Master Version

6:17    Private Organization

6:32    Step-By-Step Create Flowchart Guide

6:51    Create Flowchart Wizard

7:17    Editing a Flowchart

7:27    View Mode VS. Edit-Mode

7:48    Flowchart Versions (Part 2)

8:04    Editing a Flowchart Version

8:20    Using Editor Features

9:36    Editing Tools

9:58    Designing Process Flowcharts

10:30     Best Practices to Create Flowcharts

10:50     Printable Flowchart Template

11:24     Example Flowchart

12:18     2 Ways to Create Flowcharts

13:06     1st Box of Flowchart

14:08     Creating Sample Flowchart

14:24     2nd Box for Flowchart Purpose

14:56     Adding Decision Box

15:37     Editing the Current Box

15:59     Standard Layout Design

16:24     Understanding Decision Box

17:39     Adding Statement Box

18:53     Whole Flowchart View (Stage 1)

19:33     Adding User-Input Box

20:15     Adding Send-Email-Log Box

20:44     Understanding Send-Email-Log Box

21:21     Whole Flowchart View (Stage 2)

21:32     Adding Multiple-Choice Box (MCB)

21:47     Using MCB effectively

23:15     Creating MCB Choices

24:33     Adding Box after MCB Choice

26:34     Review MCB in Whole Flowchart View

27:10     Ending Edit-Mode

27:23     Box Specific Feedback to Author

27:46     Managing Flowchart Versions

28:08     Activity Log Email

29:04     Create New Ticket in CRM

29:51     Bookmark Links Feature

30:28     Incoming/Outgoing Regular/Bookmark Links

31:26     Sample Flowchart with Bookmark Links

31:41     Creating Bookmark Alias on Destination Box

32:34     Creating the Bookmark Link

33:41     Reviewing Bookmark Links (Part 1)

34:02     Conditions for Bookmark Link's Destination

35:09     Possibilities with Bookmark Links

36:06     Reviewing Bookmark Links (Part 2)

36:30     Deleting Bookmark Links

37:12     Deleting a Box with Incoming/Outgoing Bookmark Link

37:44     Maintaining Your Flowcharts

38:02     Inserting New Box between two adjacent boxes

39:14     Deleting Decision Boxes

39:46     Deleting Multiple-Choice Box (MCB)

40:22     Flowchart Design Best Practices Recommendations

41:55     Caption Text for Boxes

42:06     Images, Videos, Links & Attachments on each Box for more context

43:04     Share your Flowchart

43:17     Sharing States - Private, Public, Published

43:55     Advanced Version management

44:09     Master Version Assignment For Sharing

44:23     Two Scenarios for Sharing Flowcharts

44:33     Private Org. Flowchart Sharing

45:00     Public Flowchart Sharing

45:40     Discovering Publicly Shared Flowcharts

46:12     Master Flowchart Version (Part 2)

46:53     Publishing Your Flowcharts

47:57     Published Flowchart Redirect URL Feature

48:31     Published Flowchart Layout

48:48     Embed Published Flowchart in Your Website

49:32     Flowchart Metadata / Properties

50:04     Sharing Published Flowchart URL on Social Networks

50:36     Content Settings Mgmt.

50:45     Add Flowchart to Org. Home Page

50:55     Download Flowchart Activity Report

51:12     Conclusion

We keep adding more videos for training as well as advanced features, so check them all out in this playlist.