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Help your audience decide independently but aligned with common guidelines. More new features get added to DeciZone platform regularly - below are a few examples.


Always Up-to-dateSingle source of truth.
This is an image of DeciZone platform.

Eliminate multiple versions of your documentation and provide a single repository of your guidelines and processes.

Faster Conclusions98% reading eliminated.
This is an image of DeciZone navigable flowchart being used by one hand.

Most conclusions reached in less than 1 minute because of elimination of the irrelevant in a decision tree. Huge saving in time compared to reading outdated documents. You might just end up getting a whole lot more done in the same time.

Available everywhereAny screen, no problem!
This is an image of DeciZone platform in different size screens.

Creating logic that just works right away on any screen has never been easier. With DeciZone, you are in control where ever you are and what ever size screen you are using. Go ahead, tell them how its done!

EasyYou already know how to use it.
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Amazingly simple design incentivizes compliance with your process. Finally, you can actually focus on your real business.

Knowledge Base (Publishable)Empower Your People & Teach them how to fish!
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Retain organizational Knowledge Base in a easily searchable and the most efficient manner. Inspire better judgement and good decisions at your own convenience. Empower teams to make strategically aligned decisions. Select specific items to be shared on the Knowledge Base page which is accessible only to your Org. members by default. Optionally you can publish or embed the the Knowledge Base Page to allow access for people outside your organization.

Integration / Agent ViewInspire efficiency, one step at a time!
This is an image of DeciZone integration with Salesforce.
This is an image of DeciZone integration with Zendesk.

Empathize with your customer & think clearly with real-time strategic guidance. Automated ticket/case creation with effortless transcripts saved in popular platforms like Salesforce & Zendesk.


Mobile EditorFull featured editor in mobile browser. Easily create/edit flowcharts on the go.
This is an image of DeciZone mobile editor.

Create and edit your flowcharts from a browser on any device. Adding nodes is just a matter or typing sentences - no need to drag boxes or connect arrows. We take care of the formatting, you focus on the logic.

Links Link to anything. Connect seperate flowcharts or create feedback loops in same flowchart using bookmark links.
This is an image of DeciZone Bookmark links.

Easily create bookmark link connectors for feedback logic or to connect seperate flowcharts in a modular fashion. Bidirectional movement between the current box and the previous box from any module using a simple three layer interface.

Multimedia Emphasize Context. Use Images, Videos, Links and File attachments at each step.
This is an image of an image on a DeciZone flowchart box.

An image is worth a 1000 words! Now you can provide better context and extra resources to your audience for each box of your flowchart. Images automatically show for 4 seconds at a time.

Roles Who can do what - Designate Sub-Admin, Editor, Author & Viewer roles to team members.
This is an image of DeciZone user Roles.

Not everyone needs to do everything. Use predefined roles to quickly assign responsibilities to your team members. Use custom access role to limit access to specific flowcharts.

Improve User feedback - continually improve your flowcharts with box specific user suggestions.
This is an image of DeciZone feature to send feedback to flowchart author.

Maybe your flowchart does not cover that rare scenario - enable your users to send you very critical feedback specific to issues with each box right when they experience it. Address these issues ASAP in your flowchart and continually improve your operational processes.

Activity TranscriptsAnalyze usage - enable logging of activity in your flowcharts and analyze!
This is an image of DeciZone Activity log email.

What is the most most popular conclusion in your flowchart? How long does it take at each step? Relative distribution of traffic in your flowchart logic. Which resources are not fully utilized and how to reallocate resources? These activity logs may represent work completed as per your guidelines. Everything is automatically documented as detailed transcripts to save time for everyone, so the real work can happen.

Broadcast or Single-Use Unique URL, Post'em on social media. Help anyone with just a URL.
This is an image of DeciZone published flowchart feature.

Published flowcharts in DeciZone get a unique URL that anyone can access. You can control when you publish or unpublish your content. Ideal for posting on social media, customer support scripts, troubleshooting guides etc. type of use cases.

Get unique Restricted Published URLs for your flowcharts with limited number of uses as well as and expiry date when the unique URL stops working. Yeah, really!

Collaborate Create something together. Editors can collaborate with individual authors.
This is an image of Collaboration with DeciZone.

Editors can easily collaborate with other authors on specific flowcharts - so you get it right before broadcasting it to the world.

Surveys Even better. Measure and Analyze what choices your audience makes.
This is an image of taking surveys using DeciZone flowcharts.

Enough with boring form based surveys. Send multimedia rich surveys that eliminate questions depending on the user's choices and get you the insights without annoying your audience. See raw survey data so you can slice it and dice it to your hearts content.

Custom Branding Make it yours - reassure your audience that it is a legit flowchart from your organization.
This is an image of custom white label branding in DeciZone.

Project leadership using your company branding.

Version Management Only a Master version is visible by others.
This is an image of DeciZone master flowchart version.

Your flowchart behind the scenes can have multiple versions while only the Master version is presented to viewers. Clone existing version, modify your flowchart version to your hearts content. 'Hot Swap' your Master versions to deliver seamless experience to your audience.

Clone Box Groups Modify many boxes by changing one box.
This is an image of DeciZone clone box feature.

You no longer have to go to 50 different places to make a single change. Clone box groups are here for rescue.

Analytics Dashboard Visualize operational experience.
This is an image of DeciZone clone box feature.

Understand how your audience experiences your flowcharts. Discover valuable insights and opportunities to optimize and improve.

API access Access your content using APIs.
This is an image of DeciZone API feature.

Take automation to next level by integrating your other applications using our APIs.

Chatbots (that behave) Chatbots with RI (Real Intelligence).
This is an image of DeciZone being used as a chatbot.

Have full control over the conversation with your precious audience. Say it like you mean it & set the right expectations. Embed your flowcharts on your webpages for a better experience than traditional chatbots.

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