Human Resources Management Interactive Decision tree software Streamlines Employee Policy Compliance

HRMS decision trees for employee onboarding guidance & compliance training flowcharts to enable confident decisions aligned with your corporate policies & values

Human Resources Management Interactive Decision tree software Streamlines Employee Policy Compliance

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44% of HR managers look at cloud HR solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.   PW

Easy Guidance

Onboarding & Training


Listen proactively

Streamlined Strategy

Values made actionable

45% of HR managers find HR technology to improve employee experience.   PW

Interactive HR flowchart software enables your employees can get to your customized recommendations - Effortless Consistent Policy Compliance with a great employee experience.

Human Resources Management Interactive Decision tree software.

Guide your employees anytime on any device + Escalate only when appropriate + Reduce your HR case load.

How it works

Build HR Trees

Your Business Rules

Employee Self Service

Quick Answers 24x7

Improve Work Experience

Retain Happy Employees

Streamline your HR processes using modern, mobile enabled decision tree tools that help save you time and improve employee experience.

Employee Experience

TTR (Time To Resolution) ≪ 30 sec

Employee Satisfaction

FCR (First Call Resolution) Rate > 90%

Relevant Advanced Features

Policy Knowledge Base

Searchable mobile friendly

Analytics Dashboard

Track Employee Experience

Custom Branding

Your CSS, logo & looks


Publish, Embed, Integrate

Check out how DeciZone HRMS interactive flowchart software can integrate & work with other HRMS / CRM platforms.

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Here is what a Published DeciZone interactive employee HR process decision tree might look like when its shared in your human resources management interactive decision tree software:


With DeciZone, your people will always know the next best action. Enable Confident Decisions with No-Code Interactive Decision Trees & Flowcharts.

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" This is a powerful yet very easy-to-use software. Their customer support is the best we have experienced. They regularly add new features that are always very useful and time saving. Highly recommend this to anyone. "

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How easy is it to implement DeciZone into existing systems?

DeciZone is designed for easy integration with minimal disruption, ensuring a smooth transition and quick adoption within your existing infrastructure.

Why do we use HR management software?

HR management software from DeciZone is used to simplify work for your employees and for your human resources team, in the form of decision trees for automating manual, administrative tasks, monitoring activity and analyzing reports.

Why is it important to use HR management software?

Most Human Resources teams are extremely busy. Manually keeping up with most tasks, however, is even more time-consuming and demanding. By using DeciZone HR management software to streamline these employee processes they can mostly eliminate the risk of human error. It can also allow your teams everywhere to stay aligned with the company values, initiatives and culture.

What is a good HR management software for small businesses?

Small businesses usually have smaller teams addressing the same human resources requirements as a large business.f A good HR software for small businesses like DeciZone makes it easy for your HR team to author important HR process flowcharts, allows your employees to access those interactive decision trees from any device and cuts down on manual labor.

How does decision trees help with HR management software?

Ask any HR team member how many times they answer the same question on a daily basis. Whether it is related to hiring, recruitment, benefits, payroll or leave of absense. Most organizations have clearly explained their policies on these and other topics in their detailed policy documentation - but employees invariably reach out directly to the HR team to ask about the same topics. This is because the policy documentation can become very terse and difficult to find answers easily. This is where decision trees come to help. Once you create your HR processes inside DeciZone, these processes are presented to your employees in the form of interactive decision trees. Your employees can, in their time of convenience, using any device browser, just make a few choices in the decision tree and reach a recommendation from you. They can get your recommendations in literally less than 30 seconds, 24x7. DeciZone HR decisoin tree software comes with so many innovative features that save you time, money and headache. Please go ahead and start your trial and schedule a meeting with the DeciZone Support Team so we can answer any questions you might have.



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